Wind Damage and Storm Restoration in Morgantown

We provide a full range of wind and storm damage restoration services to Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas.


On windy days, you’ll never know what’s going to happen. It’s further proof that nature can get quite unpredictable. Wind damage can occur on a day that is windy, but not stormy. Likewise, thunderstorms packed with powerful winds can also leave damage in its wake.

If you are a home or business, finding wind damage restoration services in Morgantown, WV is easy. Rebuilders has a crew that are experts in repairing your home or business that has sustained wind damage.

We’ve seen it all and fixed it all. Whether it’s damage to your windows or roof, we’ll make sure we have it fixed. Nature can take a turn for the worse and no one knows for sure what will really happen. If wind damage restoration is what you need near Fairmount, WV, keep reading to see what Rebuilders can do for you.

What is considered wind damage?

Wind damage can cause quite a bit of damage. You could be dealing with shingles peeling off roofs, trees and debris hitting or breaking windows, and so much more. Protecting yourself from wind damage may be possible. But nobody knows when the next windy day will be (unless you are a meteorologist).

Any damage caused by loose debris or loss of shingles, siding, or parts of the building due to wind will be constituted as wind damage. That’s why Rebuilders will work with homeowners and businesses in Weston, WV and the nearby area from start to finish.

Variations of wind damage

Let’s take a look at the following variations of wind damage:

Severe thunderstorms

A severe thunderstorm usually happens when wind speeds are consistently clocked in at 59 MPH or more. While some shingles can resist winds that are twice the speed, some certain types might not be able to handle that much.

Tornados and high winds

Even though West Virginia has less tornados than our neighbors in Ohio and Kentucky every year, they can still happen. When they do, the high winds of a tornado can do a good amount of damage. This can cause trees to topple down, small objects to damage buildings, and so much more.

High winds can occur even without tornadoes or thunderstorms.If the gusts are strong enough, it can cause falling trees and similar hazards. During this and other wind-related incidents, you’ll want to stay indoors and away from windows. You’ll want to be in a safe place when there is a considerable amount of high winds.

In the event of a tornado, you’ll need to be in a basement, a closet, a bathtub, or the lowest part of your home. As long as you have safe shelter from a tornado, you should be safe. Also, remember to cover yourself to avoid any injury or death due to flying debris.

What should you do after wind damage?

If your home or business sustained wind damage, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe to inspect the damage. Be aware of downed power lines. Also, be aware of any large branches or trees that may be teetering. Either way, steer clear from them when spotting any damage.

The next thing you need to do is call your insurance company. Let them know the kind of damage has been done. Afterwards, give us a call and we will stop by to take pictures and videos for your insurer. From there, we’ll give you a quote and start work the moment you accept.

We want to make sure the work area is safe before we get to work. We hold the safety of our employees and clients to a higher priority. We’ll make sure the work is done from start to finish. Have peace of mind knowing that you have a high wind restoration service on your side that will get the job done no matter what time or day it is.

Got Wind Damage? Don’t wait any longer

Wind damage can range from minor to severe. Regardless, it’s important to get a hold of the experts that have seen every bit of wind damage. Rebuilders know that the damage can be costly. Plus, we’ll be able to fix what needs to be fixed. Wind damage can happen at any given time on windy days. And we don’t know whether or not how much damage it can sustain.

We cannot predict the weather. But we can certainly prepare for the worse. Call us today at 304-241-4567 or visit us on 10 Monongahela Drive in Morgantown,WV.


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