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What is Commercial Cleaning and When Do You Need It?


You might have heard of commercial cleaning but you are not sure if your home or office might need it. Commercial cleaning is when you hire someone to come to your house and clean your home, hotel, or office building for you.

A commercial cleaner can be a company, a small group of people, or a freelancer who cleans on their own and does not work for a company. Many companies will hire commercial cleaners when they want to have the place sanitized and professionally cleaned in a way they might not be able to do themselves.

Commercial cleaning is important especially when your home has mold or asbestos in it. Even if the harmful materials have been removed you might want to have a professional cleaner come in to ensure everything is disinfected and ready for you to move back in.

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Needed?

Commercial cleaning is needed when you want your business or home to be as clean as possible for both safety and health reasons. Commercial cleaning is especially important for offices and businesses because you want to make sure clients have a good impression when they enter the building to do business with you.

Saves Time

Hiring commercial cleaning services means you do not need to worry about staying after hours and looking at all the spaces to check for cleanliness. A commercial cleaning crew can come in after hours or early in the morning when your workers are not around.

Commercial cleaning services also take out the garbage so you don’t need to waste time looking at all the bins around the office and checking for trash that needs to be removed.

Relieves Workers From Extra Duties

Some businesses require their workers to clean the bathrooms or other parts of the office. When workers are overwhelmed with their other duties, they might rush through the cleaning and not properly disinfect everything.

This can cause the building to still be full of germs. Instead of asking workers to also clean before they go home, you can have them just straighten up their own areas but leave the actual cleaning procedures to professionals. This causes less stress for everyone.

When the office is professionally clean, your workers can also be healthier and look forward to coming to a clutter-free workspace. Workers are also more motivated and more likely to complete their duties when they feel like they have a clean and nice place to work in.

Prevents Damage

Not only do commercial cleaners clean, but they also make sure all safety hazards are removed. They can clean up spills, notify you when things are broken or a hazard, and also remove harmful materials like mold.

This allows you to know when there are problems in your office as soon as possible. Rather than potentially not knowing and having the problem become worse, you can take steps to fix it right away.

Better for Health

No one wants employees or family members that are constantly sick. This ruins productivity and puts an extra burden on other people in the group. Commercial cleaning is better at removing allergens than normal cleaning.

Your workers can come to work knowing they can breathe, work, and money all in peace without needing to worry about their health.

This is especially important if you have employees with certain conditions like asthma. Ensuring that all dust and dirt are removed from the workplace will allow them to be more comfortable at work.

Good First Impressions

If you are trying to land a deal or partner with a new company, you need to ensure the building is clean. People will be less likely to enter into a business deal with you if they walk into the place and the first thing they notice is a dirty environment.

You need to ensure all the places the client is seeing are especially clean including the offices, bathrooms, and common areas.

Cleaning Schedules

Commercial cleaning also allows you to have cleaning on a set schedule. Someone can come monthly, bi-monthly, or just a few times a year depending on what you decide.

What Does Commercial Cleaning Include?

Commercial cleaning is more than just having someone come to dust and vacuum. They will wash the carpets, sanitize the workstations, and steam clean furniture that is in your waiting room or leisure rooms.

They will also use special disinfecting solutions to clean bathrooms and kitchens where most amount of germs usually are.

Commercial cleaners can often help clean your space after a huge renovation or when you move to a new building. This ensures all dangerous materials and germs are eliminated before you allow employees to come in and work.

Commercial cleaners will also clean the walls, shampoo, carpets, and always thoroughly clean surfaces that have high contact like doorknobs.

They also use special equipment that cleans more effectively compared to standard vacuums and mops.

They also clean all windows so your business looks just as good from the outside as it does the inside. Some companies prefer to hire their own separate window cleaning though if they have a very high office building that will require the windows cleaners to use ladders or other equipment to reach all windows.

Who Needs Commercial Cleaning?

There are many different businesses that benefit from commercial cleaning. Some of the most important places that need commercial cleaning are:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Factories
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

You can also have your home commercially cleaned but this is less common compared to other businesses that need commercial cleaning because there are always so many people coming and going.

Call Us Today

If you need commercial cleaning, we are here to help. We have many different locations in West Virginia and some in Pennsylvania including Uniontown and Waynesburg. We can come to look at your office and then give you a quote on our services so you know exactly what to expect in terms of prices and cleaning.

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