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What is Professional Content Cleaning?

Professional Content Cleaning

There are many things in your home that need to be professionally cleaned. When people think about professional cleaning, they usually think about carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning. However, sometimes you need more things cleaned in your home, especially after there has been water and fire damage in the home.

Professional content cleaning is when you have special items in your home cleaned like artwork, furniture, jewelry, or family heirlooms.

While you can have special items cleaned like this any time, most people call a professional content cleaning company when they have had extensive damage to their belongings such as in the event of a fire or flood.

How Do I Determine What Needs Content Cleaning?

What you decide to get done for content cleaning is a personal decision. Some people will want all of their belongings cleaned while others may just choose the most important items.

Unfortunately, there are certain instances where some of the content might not be able to be cleaned. This happens when the damage is too much and the items are not salvageable. Luckily, there are many companies, like Rebuilders that can do their very best to take the items you care about and ensure that they are cleaned and repaired to the way they looked before the damage happened.

What Do Content Cleaners Do?

When you call a content cleaning company, there are many things they will do when they arrive at your home. Here is a quick list of what you can expect from them:

  • First, they will remove the items from the house that you will need to take with you if you need to vacate the home. This happens when the entire house might need to be repaired and you’re not able to stay there because of extensive damage.
  • They will then help you pack up the items that do not need cleaning that you are taking with like clothes, jewelry, medications, etc.
  • Then you will determine what contents you want to be cleaned. The company will take a look at the items and let you know if they think they can repair them or not.
  • Items that can be cleaned and repaired will be removed from the home. They might also take all the contents and further examine them in a different environment to determine what is truly salvageable and non-salvageable.
  • The team will then take photos of the items so you can see the existing damage on them and keep it for your records.
  • You should then ask the company to keep a record for you of the items. This can be in paper or electronic format or both.
  • Make sure the company has your phone number and contact information so they can let you know how the process is going. This also gives them a way to call you once your contents are ready for pickup.

Make sure you take photos of everything even the items you are not cleaning. These photos should be sent to the insurance company to show the items that cannot be kept or repaired. This will help them in the process of reimbursing you.

The Content Cleaning Process

The team will pack all the items being taken for cleaning securely into boxes so that no further damage happens during the moving process. Once the boxes arrive at their office or cleaning site, they will open them and further inspect each of the items one by one.

Once they see the damage, they can determine what technique they will be used for cleaning. For example, items that have smoke damage are cleaned much differently than items that have water damage.

Here are some of the ways a team might clean your content:

  • Drying methods with precision control
  • Deodorization
  • Restoration Launder and dry cleaning methods
  • Aqueous electronics cleaning
  • Hydroxyl generating technology
  • High-precision ultrasonic cleaning technology

Some items might use a combination of these techniques to restore your items effectively.

Benefits of Content Cleaning

If you have had damage in your home from flooding or fire, you might be wondering if you should get content cleaning done or not. Sometimes people think getting rid of the items and buying new ones might be better than having the items restored.

However, there are numerous benefits to content cleaning that you should consider before just deciding to get rid of your items for new ones.

Saves You Money

In most cases, content cleaning the items costs less than what you would spend to buy the items again. In certain cases, insurance companies are also more willing to pay for the cleaning of items than to buy the items new.

Always make sure to check with your insurance company before making a decision though as you want to ensure you are reimbursed for all the expenses possible.

Allows You To Keep Your Items

Certain items in your home are important to you and your family. If you can get them cleaned and repaired, you are able to keep these priceless items rather than having to go without seeing or using them again.

This is especially important if you have heirlooms in the family that you plan to pass down from one generation to the next.

Less Stress

When you entrust your items to a content cleaning company, it means you know your items are being taken care of and will be returned to you when the cleaning process is done.

If you decide you want to get new items, you have to spend a lot of time and effort looking for things to replace your old ones.

Contact Rebuilders for Contact Cleaning Today

If you are in the areas of Waynesburg, Uniontown, or Snowshoe contact Rebuilders today for all your content cleaning needs.

They also have plenty of different services to help you when it comes to repairing your home and belongings after a flood, fire, or storm.

You can have all your content professionally cleaned and restored to its former glory when you use Rebuilders.

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