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What Frozen Pipes And Water Damage Can Do To Your Home

water damage repair

When you buy a home, you are buying a long term investment that you plan to keep for the rest of your life.

Think of all the hard work that you put into buying your home. You save money for years, you search far and wide and high and low for a place you can call your own, you get a loan, set up a mortgage, and pay to have all of your stuff taken to your new place.

From the moment you walk into your home for the first time, it is yours. It is not only the place where you will lay your head, it is where you will build your future. This is where you will make memories, perhaps start a family, and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and milestones for the rest of your life.

Yes, there is nothing quite like buying your home and converting it from a piece of property to an important part of your life and your future and your family.

That is why the damage that can be done by frozen pipes, broken water lines, and water can be so devastating. In the span of just a few hours, these things can completely transform your home into a place that is unlivable and perhaps ruined forever.

Rebuilders understands just how bad these things can be. For years now, we have worked with people throughout all of West Virginia to make these nightmares a thing of the past. Home owners in cities like Phillippi, Weston, Waynesburg, PA, Uniontown, PA, and other parts of our region have learned that Rebuilders will work – and work hard – to tend to your home, right the wrong, fix the damage done, and get your future back on track.

Frozen pipes are no joke and it is very important you are well aware of them and what sort of damage they can bring.

It is also vital that you know the most dangerous time of the year before it arrives and ruins your water pipes.

The Coldest Time Of The Year Is The Most Dangerous

When the cold winter months arrive, there are many things that can be impacted in your life.

Obviously, you will change your fall wardrobe for your winter one, you will also have to keep your house warm all day long, and you will start planning for the holidays.

Generally, this is a great time of the year. It’s a time to bring family and friends close, celebrate the end of the year and focus on what is most important.

But it’s also a time when the water pipes in your home can get frozen and, therefore, break.

A frozen water pipe can be downright ruinous for your home. When the water in the pipes freeze, the pressure inside will be toyed with and manipulated. This will lead to a weakening in your pipes, a building of pressure and then, eventually, a burst.

The bursting of your water pipes will immediately be incredibly damaging. The water from inside the pipes will begin to flow and everything touched will be impacted for the worse. Your walls and carpets and drapes will be ruined and boxes full of family heirlooms will be trashed beyond repair.

But one thing that many people don’t know is that water damage can also have a substantial effect on the actual structure of your home. The cement, the wood, the material that is within the walls of your house can be hit by water damage. In fact, some of the worst impact of water damage is stuff that isn’t seen, because it’s hidden within the walls.

The Damage Isn’t Done

Sadly, some people think they can take care of a broken and frozen water pipe on their own.

They get through the immediate trouble and the damage done and then they think that the worst is over. They have dried their home, they have replaced the ruined possessions, they have even painted over the stains and, seemingly, moved on.

But the tricky thing about water pipes that freeze and break is that you don’t ever really know if everything has been fixed unless you call on professionals like those at Rebuilders.

If you don’t address water damage correctly then you will soon be living in a ticking time bomb. Deep within your home, buried in the walls and foundation, the water that has spewed is now collecting in certain unseen corners of your home.

With this sort of water damage comes an instability to the structure of your house and a chance for something far worse: mold and bacteria.

In the dark, hidden away, these things will only grow and the serious problems they can bring will go unchecked and unknown until it is too late. If your house is impacted by mold, you and the people living with you may soon experience serious health problems. You may experience trouble breathing and even more serious issues that could impact your health for years to come. All of this can happen if the water damage caused by frozen and broken pipes is not fixed – and fixed entirely – as soon as possible. As you can see, moving on after a broken water pipe is about so much more than simply drying the walls and getting new carpets. It’s about making sure your house is really and truly recovering from something so devastating.

Don’t Handle Frozen Pipes On Your Own

You can do a lot for your home and you’d be willing to do even more to keep it strong and stable.

But the truth is that taking care of frozen pipes and water damage cannot be taken care of on your own. It needs the hard work and expertise from a team like the one at Rebuilders. For years now, people throughout all of West Virginia and Pennsylvania have had their lives turned around after disaster struck.

Rebuilders is here to help. Ready, willing, experienced. They are the team that you should always call on when water damage arises.

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