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Understanding Household Mold

Household Mold

It’s no secret that mold can end up anywhere from food, to indoor environments, and the great outdoors. However, household mold is a specific category of mold that occurs inside and can pose a risk to your health. Understanding this type of mold and the consequences you’ll anticipate from having this mold in your home is crucial.

Please continue reading to learn the basics of household mold and how it comes to be. Our guide will also walk you through the things you should never do when you discover mold indoors. Unfortunately, many people make their household mold situation worse by treating it incorrectly.

How Does Mold Develop?

One of the most common spots you’ll find mold is in your basement or garage. The reason mill does so well in this environment is that there’s no direct sunlight, and there can be plenty of moisture. However, without moisture and dark environments, it’s difficult for mold to thrive.

Another common place people find household mold is in their bathrooms. It’s normal that bathrooms don’t have windows because people value their privacy in this area. In addition, there’s a constant source of moisture that feeds mold and helps it grow if you’re not careful about your shower and bath environment.

How To Identify Mold

Are you worried that there may be mold in your home, but you don’t know where to look? You’re not alone in this problem. Follow these steps to look for mold in your home.

  1. Look in spots that receive moisture, like the bathroom or basement
  2. Check for any leaks from your pipes
  3. Check in any dimly lit locations
  4. Look for discolored surfaces
  5. Pay attention to the texture of surfaces

Unfortunately, if you don’t have professional experience looking for mold at home, it can still be difficult to spot. That’s why we recommend getting a consultation from rebuilding and restoration professionals instead. If your property is in the Grafton, Snowshoe, or Uniontown area, our team at Rebuilders can help you find the mold and remove it.

Common Types of Household Mold

The main concern for homeowners or other property types is black mold. This household mold contributes to allergy complications and respiratory problems. Other types of mold can occur at home under the right conditions, but the main concern is black mold. You should also throw out any food that has mold so no one accidentally consumes it.

Risks of Untreated Mold

So, what’s the big deal about untreated mold? There are plenty of problems you can experience if you let your mold problem get out of hand. Pay attention to the following complications and consult a professional if you suspect there’s mold in your house.

Health Problems

When mold is left untreated for too long, it can have huge complications for your health, especially if you suffer from allergies or pre-existing conditions. In addition, some people don’t realize that their allergies are caused by household mold and not the outdoor environment. So, if you notice yourself sneezing or experiencing other allergy symptoms more often than usual, you may want to check for mold.

Underlying Problems

Household mold can be a huge indicator of something wrong with your plumbing system or other household functions. Mold detection could be a crucial step in preventing plumbing issues that could cost you thousands of dollars. When you can detect and solve problems before they cause a financial strain, you’ll have more control over the situation.

Mold can be a strong indicator that there’s water damage in your home that needs repairs. Fortunately, our team specializes in repairing water damage complications and cleaning up after these situations. We can help you with your mold removal and property damage problems that water causes.

When To Hire Mold Removal Professionals

Removing mold from your home independently can be tempting, but we highly recommend contacting professionals for assistance. For example, if you find yourself in the following situations, a professional mold removal team could be beneficial. These experts can also let you know when mold is in unexpected places at your residence.

  • Basement floods: When there is a severe rainstorm, the basement will flood, and water damage will occur. If you notice flooding in your home, checking for mold after cleaning up the excess water would be important.
  • Piping mishaps: Unfortunately, your plumbing pipes aren’t indestructible. Piping mishaps can occur due to severe weather changes, and you should check for mold after a plumber fixes your pipes.
  • Plumbing issues: Household plumbing issues like clogs and leaks can cause mold. Professionals know where to look in this situation.
  • Odd smells: The smell of mildew is pungent and unpleasant. If your house carries a smell no matter how much you clean, contact a mold removal expert.
  • Allergy symptoms: Although allergies are a common occurrence for several people, worsening symptoms could indicate a mold problem at your home.

Mold removal professionals will detect any problems and take care of them. They can also offer advice on how you could prevent mold from developing in that spot moving forward.

What Not to Do About Your Mold Problem

Sometimes people take the wrong steps while trying to resolve their household mold problem. Keep these guidelines in mind while you treat mold.

  • Be mindful of household cleaning combinations
  • Do not attempt to remove mold with water
  • Avoid humidity in the area

Sometimes people mix together too many household cleaners, and it can make them sick by causing a dangerous gas. For example, you should avoid mixing bleach with other cleaning solutions because of the chemical reaction. If you’re looking for ways to combat your household problem before contacting a professional, consider undiluted white vinegar for spot treatment.

Final Thoughts

Although household mold is rarely a life-threatening situation, it’s still important to get rid of it to improve your health. However, many people don’t know where to look for mold, so it’s important to contact a professional for assistance. People who tackle their black mold problem alone often don’t get rid of it all the way.

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