Structural Demolition / Building Demolition

Everything You Need to Know About Structural Demolition and Building Demolition in the Restoration Process

What is Structural Demolition? 

If your home has been damaged by a natural disaster or damaged for any other reason, you might be looking into getting structural demolition services. Structural demolition is when a building’s certain structural components are torn down, including the floor systems, foundations, roof systems, footings, and walls.

When structural demolition takes place, the entire structure is dismantled. This technique is used for a variety of different buildings, including barns, garages, commercial buildings, homes, or really any other kind
of building. 

How Does Structural Demolition Works 

There are two main ways to demolish a structure. You can either demolish a home or build it traditionally or mechanically. If the structure is small, there is also an option to tear it down by hand if possible. This only works for very small structures.

Most of the time, a structure will be demolished through mechanical demolition. This is when the entire structure is ripped down using equipment such as an excavator. With this method, you have to use heavy

In some cases, a structure might be demolished manually if the structure is small or the damage is only to one part of the home rather than the entire home.

When you manually demolish a home, there is also a chance of saving some of the materials since each piece is being handled by hand, and the ones in good shape can be saved.

There are also some cases where a structure might be partially deconstructed by hand, and then the rest of the work will be done with machinery. This is a good way to save money during a demolition because it
means the excavator won’t have to be used all the time. 

The Costs of Structural Demolitions

House demolition can vary in costs widely.

Keep in mind that a deconstruction is much more than a demolition, so getting a structural demolition can save you money but still give you the new structure you need after experiencing damage.

When looking at the price of a structural demolition, always get a quote from the company before any work begins. Here at Rebuilders, we give free quotes. If you give us a call, we can come to your home and inspect the damage before giving you a quote of what to expect.

Before any work begins, we will also show you on paper exactly how much you can expect to pay. This way, there are no surprises, and you know what to expect.

Here are some of the main things that affect the cost of a structural demolition:

    Size of the structure

    The contractor you decide to work with

    If there are any hazardous materials present or not

    The location of the structure

    The materials the structure is built with

    The demolition method that is used 

What is Building Demolition?

Building demolition is about the same thing as structural demolition, as it involves knocking down existing structures and then rebuilding them after there has been damage. While we here at Rebuilders are mostly in the business of demolition after there has been damage and the structure needs restoration, we also do demos for those that are just seeking demolition services to rebuild their existing homes for whatever reason.

Getting your home demoed can be nerve-wracking because it can be hard to see your structure being torn down.

However, just like our company name says, we are in the business of rebuilding, and we are rebuilders. 

Our Process for Building Demolition 

Not sure what to expect when we come to your home for a demolition? Here are the steps we will take. 

Building Survey

We first need to check many different things about the building, including the construction method, the materials used, the design, and how the building was used. We also need to pull the building codes so we
can work in accordance with the laws of the state and city.

We also have to check the building for any toxic or flammable materials, as these will need to be removed. If we find any, our first step will be to remove them before making the demolition plan.

Making the Demolition Plan

Now we need to make a plan showing how the demolition is going to go. This will take about the method we are using, and we will also discuss the plans for health and waste disposal.

We will review the plan with you before beginning so that you have an idea of how it will go and how long it might take. 

Conduction of Safety Measures

Before working, we will ensure all our employees know the proper safety measures so they can protect themselves and you. We will also supply everyone with personal protective equipment. Keep in mind during some steps of the demolition; you will not be allowed to be on the property as it can be dangerous for those not properly dressed and trained.

We also do an asbestos inspection as part of our safety measures, and we manage all waste disposal appropriately.


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Here at Rebuilders, we know the importance of building and structural demolitions. They can transform your damaged home to look even better than it did before.

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