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Storm Damage Repair in Charlestown, WV


West Virginia gets a lot of rain and many storms. Between flooding, tornadoes, and harsh thunderstorms, storm damage can impact many individuals. Charlestown, WV gets a lot of rain each year, more than the national average. This can cause water damage and storm damage to both houses and business buildings.

Going through storm damage is never a fun experience. It’s hard to see so much damage happening to your home and not know what to do to fix it. With Rebuilders, there isn’t a need to worry. Here, we will take on any stormy challenge and fix any damages that have happened to your home.

What Kinds of Storms Can Impact Charlestown, WV?

Charlestown, WV is prone to storms just like the rest of the state. Anything that causes a lot of water or wind to infiltrate a house will cause damage.

Water Damage

When Charlestown, WV gets a lot of rainfall, the area is prone to flooding. In a flood, a house or business building can have water infiltrate the walls and roofs which both causes exterior and interior damage. Water damage can cause mold to grow on the walls and the structural integrity of the foundation to weaken. Over time, water damage can make a building dangerous to be in, which is why it’s important to reverse the damages as soon as possible.

Severe Thunderstorms

Severe thunderstorms are when a thunderstorm is strong enough that the winds exceed 58 mph, or the thunderstorm can produce hail. Severe thunderstorms can cause both wind damage from such high winds and also water damage from the amount of rainfall that occurs. When a severe thunderstorm has lightning, a lightning strike can cause storm damage to taller buildings in the area. With the high annual rainfall that West Virginia gets, a severe thunderstorm can be a common occurrence.


West Virginia gets about 2 tornadoes per year. While your chances of being impacted by one in Charlestown are low, these tornadoes can cause a lot of damage if they were to occur.

What Can Rebuilders Do for Your Storm Damage?

Rebuilders offer a service for storm damage repair. No matter what kind of weather has gone through your neighborhood, no damage is too much for us to handle. We can take care of anything from severe water damage to wind damage.

Anywhere in your building that we see damage, we will access what we can do for it. In some circumstances, we will be able to repair the infrastructure to make it as good as new. If the damage to the area is too much, we will go ahead and replace the damaged material. This can mean replacing waterlogged carpets and repairing the flooring underneath. Broken windows from wind will be repaired and gaps in the walls will be filled in.

Rebuilders will help with damages no matter where you are in West Virginia. We are stationed in Morgantown, WV, but will also come out to areas such as Charlestown and Fairmont, WV.

What To Do After a Storm

When a bad storm rolls through your area and causes damage, there are certain steps that you should take for the sake of your house and the safety of everyone involved. Take a moment to see if your house is safe to go through. Any too dangerous area should be noted so that we don’t get hurt trying to repair your home.

Important things to note:

  • Any unstable ground
  • Open wires (especially if they are in water)
  • Broken glass and other sharp objects
  • Anything that has caught on fire

Never forget to inform your insurance of the damages that happened to your house and the cause of your damages. When you went through your home, you should have taken some pictures of the damage that happened. Not only is that important for your insurance provider, but it’s also important to send to us so we can get a preview of the damage we will be dealing with. Your insurance might be able to give you compensation for the damage your house has sustained.

Once you have everything sorted out by your insurance, you will still have a home full of different damage. That’s when you contact us. When you experience damage to your home, give us a call and tell us everything that happened. Remember, no challenge is too big for us to fix and we will be out to help with our storm damage repair service.

Sending us photos and videos of what has happened in your home will help us keep our workers safe. We value safety and customer satisfaction, so we need to take all the steps necessary to make these repairs safe for everyone involved.

Stormy Weather Got Your House Down, Call Us Today!

Life can be challenging with the ups and downs that the weather brings. When the weather blows through your house and causes problems, there is no need to worry because Rebuilders has your back. We will take care of damages no matter if they were caused by high winds or pelting rain.

If you have just faced a bad storm and your home or business building has gotten hit by it, go through the steps that are listed above. At that point, call us so that we can do our best to restore your building to its former glory.

We are available 24/7 so even if the storm hit in the middle of the night, we are still here to help. There is not a single moment that we will be unavailable. We put our customers first and that is why we want to be available no matter what. We are so to provide you with our time and care to fix any problems that your home or building may home.

Rebuilders are speedy in both our contact time and getting the work done. With every project, we put our all in so you can get back to the important things in life.

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