Snowshoe, WV

We provide a full range of water damage restoration services to Snowshoe, WV and surrounding areas.

Snowshoe, West Virginia is one of the most popular towns in the state. Located in the eastern part of the state, Snowshoe sits right in the middle of two mountain ridges, including the Cheat and Back Allegheny mountains. Because of the beautiful nature surrounding Snowshoe, this city is loved because of its gorgeous Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort. Tourists, snowboarders, and those in love with beautiful mountain ranges come to see Snowshoe from far and wide.

Because Snowshoe is such a popular location for thousands of people every year, it’s no shock that the inhabitants of this little ski town do what they can to care for their homes and buildings to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, which can render buildings damaged and dirty.

Whenever this happens, the inhabitants of Snowshoe trust the restoration and cleanup services to Rebuilders. Rebuilders has long been a favorite restoration company in Snowshoe because we offer extensive cleanup and restoration services, all while focusing on extensive customer service and 24/7 support.

At Rebuilders, it is our goal to rebuild your home or building to its previous state. That way, both you and any visitors that cross its path have peace of mind that they are in a safe, beautiful, and relaxing environment, right in the Alleghenies.

Our Snowshoe, WV Services

As a professional restoration team, we understand that accidents and emergencies happen all the time. From water damage to fire damage, these emergencies can take on many forms and can damage or alter the safety of your home in more ways than one. For this reason, we offer an extensive lineup of restoration services for Snowshoe.

Some of our most relevant restoration services for Snowshoe, West Virginia include:

  • Commercial Restoration
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Cleaning

In addition to offering an extensive lineup of restoration services, Rebuilders offers 24/7 support. After all, emergencies don’t wait until the business hours to affect you and your home. As a result, we don’t wait until business hours to offer help. We try to offer extensive support as soon as you need it.

Whether you are looking for at the most expert cleaning services or a restoration service that simply understands what you’re going through, Rebuilders is here. We will tackle whatever problem you are facing with expertise, professionalism, and speed to help you and your building get back on its feet.

Commercial Restoration

Because Snowshoe, West Virginia is home to the Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort and The Village, this town has tons of businesses, entrepreneurs, and tourists on a daily basis. If you are a business owner yourself, the last thing you want is for a damage to destroy your building, leaving you without an income all while having to deal with the safety of your workers and residents.

Rebuilders offers commercial restoration services so that you can get your place of business up and running as quickly as possible. We offer water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, storm damage repair, mold remediation and water damage remediation in Snowshoe for businesses. These services ensure that all aspects of your building are safe and clean in a speedy manner.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is fairly common in Snowshoe. Because the city is situated among so many mountains and rivers, natural flooding happens fairly frequently. To make matters worse, the cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and bust, resulting in even more water problems. Needless to say, Snowshoe sees its fair share of water damage.

Not to mention, where there is water damage, there is mold and mildew as well. Even though water damage certainly is not something to look forward to, mold damage is even worse because it can affect your safety just by breathing it in.

Even though water damage is common, it is not something you need to fret over. Rebuilders offers extensive water damage restoration in Snowshoe,

so that your home or building can be safely dry again. For any water damage we find, we will restore it and ensure that there is no lingering mold or mildew either. This means that we will fix the obvious problem but make sure there are no underlying problems either.


Cleaning is an important part of any home, building, or town, but it is especially important for Snowshoe and its business owners. Because so many individuals come through this town, it’s imperative that your home is clean and ready to go at all times.

Rebuilders offers extensive cleaning services in Snowshoe. Our cleaning services are for both commercial and residential owners, and they cover damage restoration cleaning or general cleaning. In fact, we offer some of the most extensive cleaning options in the industry.

With our restoration services, we will make sure to clean your home after. We will make your home or business look spotless, even after fire, flood, or storms have plagued your home. This will make the house actually feel like a home once again since it is not only restored but clean and inviting.

Furthermore, Rebuilders offers general cleaning as well. General cleaning is especially important for businesses. If you are struggling mopping up a particularly sticky floor or need help disposing of a large amount of trash, we have you covered. We will make sure your home or building is spotless so that you, your family, or your customers are satisfied with the hygienic nature of your home.

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Whether you need help restoring your Snowshoe home after your pipes have frozen this winter or a customer has left their curling iron on for too long, give Rebuilders a call today. It is our goal to keep Snowshoe beautiful, safe, and inviting for all people, inhabitants and guests alike.

Our extensive selection of services is backed with 24/7 support and friendly professionalism. So, you can always rely on Rebuilders to restore your building and understand what you are going through too. We are just one phone call away from helping you get your building back in operating condition.


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