Sewage Cleanup in Morgantown

We provide a full range of sewage cleanup services to Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas.

Sewage Cleanup for Morgantown, WV

If you are dealing with a sewage backup, then it’s going to be a mess. Not to mention, the smell of a sewage backup can be unbearable. What causes them? We’ll explain in a bit.

If your home or business has to deal with a sewage issue and requires cleanup, you’re in luck. Rebuilders is your sewage cleanup service in Morgantown, WV that will work with you. Sewage backup is a serious thing and can also leave lasting damage if left unattended.

On top of that, it can also be hazardous to not only your health, but the health of others as well. Keep reading to find out more about how this service can help.

What causes sewage backup?

Sewage backup is commonly caused by clogs from various objects. They include but are not limited to paper towels, single-use wipes, hair, and other types of debris. Because of this, it can cause enough blockage for your sewer to back up.

Other causes include damaged sewer lines and even heavy rainfall. Today, many sewer lines are made from plastic as opposed to clay or cast iron. Lastly, excessive rainfall can also cause your local sewer to flood as well. So this backup can be beyond your control.

How to prevent sewage backups in Morgantown?

If there is one thing your sewage cleanup service near Kingwood,WV wants to remind you about, it’s that prevention is usually the best solution. You can do your part by properly disposing of paper towels and one-use wipes. Instead of flushing them down the toilet, dispose of them properly in recycle bins or trash cans.

You can also prevent sewage back up by installing a new plastic sewage pipe. This sewage pipe will be less vulnerable to damage due to age compared to cast iron or clay piping.

What happens if you have sewage backup in Morgantown?

In the event if you have sewage backup, the first thing you need to do is execute your emergency plan. This includes evacuating the area as sewage contains harmful contaminants. Make sure persons and pets are out of the affected area.

Also, shut off the main circuit breaker or fuse box to prevent further problems if the conditions are safe to do so. Otherwise, if you can’t shut off the power, do not turn on any electrical devices.

Be sure to wear protective gear such as gloves, facemask, safety goggles, and rubber boots before treading in sewer water. You may need to do so in order to shut off the main water valve in your home. Once you have done this, contact your sewage cleanup specialist near Uniontown, WV. Be sure that the power is off so that our crew can operate in safe conditions.

Sewage backup in Morgantown? Contact us for cleanup today

If you are dealing with sewage backup, contact us as soon as possible so we can clean it up. Rebuilders will have highly trained staff to get the job done for your home or business. Contact us at 304-241-4567 or visit us at our Morgantown,WV location at 10 Monongahela Drive.  


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