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Rebuilders Will Handle Your Mold Problems


At the end of the day, you come home to relax and to kick back and to let the long day wash off your back. From dinner time to the family to long phone calls and barbecues with friends, your home is where you get away from the rest of the world. It’s where you feel the most ease. It’s where you can truly be yourself and not worry and not feel stress or anxiety.

Your home is your oasis and your kingdom and it should always be a place of safety and happiness.

But sometimes, your home can pose a threat to you. And sometimes that threat can be hidden and hard to find.

It’s a scary truth but mold is a very dangerous problem that exists in millions of homes across the United States and the world. While it might not sound or even look like a big deal, it can easily become a truly serious problem that will pose a risk to your health and the health of the people you love.

The biggest problem with model growing in a home is that it’s so hard to understand and find and truly take care of. If you are not relying on experts who know exactly what they are looking for and know exactly what they need to do, you might actually make the situation even worse and only do more damage your home, your family, your friends, and your health.

Rebuilders is here for you for this most important and vital task. For years now, West Virginia residents have come to Rebuilders to not only handle their very serious mold growth problems but plenty of other home restoration problems that no one should take care of on their own.

We are ready and willing and eager to make sure your home is the place it should be. It should be relaxing again. It should be healthy again. It should be happy again. When you lay your head down on your pillow at night, you should do so without fear or danger or health issues hidden in the walls of your house.

If you ask around West Virginia, you will hear the praise that we get at Rebuilders. Snowshoe, Bridgeport, Phillippi, Grafton – citizens in all these cities have great things to say about us. Why? Because it doesn’t matter if it’s mold or water or smoke damage or any other issue, we have a proven track record at Rebuilders. We get the job done and we do it with care, expertise, and compassion.

To really understand why you should always call Rebuilders when your home had mold problems, you need to comprehend what it is, how it works, and why it poses such a serious threat to your and your home and your family and your friends.

Mold is no joke and is truly one of the most serious problems that can invade your home. But, thankfully, Rebuilders is here to help!

What Is Mold?

You have definitely heard of mold before, but mostly in an outdoor context. That is because mold is a natural part of the world and is found in many locations outside. It works to break down dead organic material in the world, like leaves and trees and plans and more. It can do great things for the world and helps keep our ecosystem healthy and working.

However, mold being found inside is a very serious problem and is a cause for serious alarm. Mold in your home should be avoided at all costs. If you do happen to find mold in your house – or even suspect it’s there – you need to use the expert hard work of Rebuilders because if mold remains in your home for long it can cause serious problems to your health and home

Additionally, mold doesn’t take long to grow and it can soon do serious damage.

What is it that mold can do to the people staying in your home? Quite a lot, in fact. Mold is known to cause allergic reactions and they can be both common and very serious. They can happen right away or they can sometimes takes weeks or months to impact people. Molds in the home can cause asthma attacks to those allergic to it. Additionally, it can also irritate the skin and throat and nose and eyes and even the lungs. Even if you don’t have an allergy to mold, your lungs can still be affected and you can have a very hard time breathing by inhaling mold.

That’s the thing that is so dangerous about mold: it spread by tiny little spores that can’t even be seen by the human eye. That means that mold can start in one place of the home and easy spread to practically every single corner in your house. And even though you can’t see a spore, it can invade your body and start to wreck havoc on your without you ever seeing it.

Rebuilders is here to help you with your mold problem. An infestation like this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. That is because the health problems that can emerge from mold are severe but it’s also because mold can be so tricky, sneaky, and able to hide. You might not see it, but it could be growing and thriving below your floorboards or in your attic, basement, and every dark corner of your home. And once mold starts to build, it doesn’t need long to spread to other parts of your home.

Rebuilders is a West Virginia company that puts the health of your home and your family above all else. We will work until every spore of mold is gone in your home. It’s hard work and requires meticulous attention to detail. But that’s exactly what Rebuilders prides itself on. We have proven ourselves to millions of West Virginians and we’re ready to show you what everyone else knows: Rebuilders is here to help and your home will be all the better because of us. 

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