Philippi, WV

We provide a full range of water damage restoration services to Philippi, WV and surrounding areas.

From the Philippi Bridge to the Barbour County Historical Museum and all the beautiful sights in between, there is a lot to love about Philippi, West Virginia.

Philippi is the sort of town that doesn’t seem to be as common anymore: it has a small town feel and friendly faces and always has something fun to do. That’s why so many people love to visit Philippi and the luckiest among them find a place to live in town.

There is no doubt that all locals enjoy living in Philippi and consider it a little slice of heaven on Earth. However when anything goes wrong with their houses or workplaces, they have to know who to contact. Rebuilders is a firm you can trust and rely on regardless of the circumstance. We are a reliable, trustworthy, proven contractor company who offers a variety of services to ensure that your house and company run smoothly and are comfortable and strong no matter what problems may arise. We have you as well as your home covered when it comes to rebuilding and cleaning and the stressful task of remodeling.

Our Philippi, WV Services

Rebuilders is one of the best contracting businesses in all of Philippi, West Virginia, that provides a variety of services that are crucial to keeping your home and business in the best shape possible. We immediately began cleaning and reconstructing your home or business, regardless of the extent of the damage or what caused it.

More importantly, we can guarantee that after we finish whatever work is in front of us, your home will end up looking in its best shape ever when we are done with it. We understand the importance of the work we provide and we will stop at nothing to have you walk away happy.

Before you decide to sign on with Rebuilders, you need to know what we do. So, what are Rebuilders’ many abilities? How can we help you and improve your business or home? There are so many ways we can add so much value and happiness to your home. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the services available to you to give you an idea of what we can do for you:

But that’s not all, there is so much more we can bring you. No matter the problem or the solution, at Rebuilders we are prepared and happy to assist you in resolving whatever problem you are facing. We employ only the most knowledgeable, friendly, and seasoned professionals which means that there isn’t any home or business challenge that is too big or too little.

We aren’t just problem solvers – we are problem solvers with expertise and an attitude you’ll feel comfortable with. We will not only ensure that a solution is discovered as fast as possible, but we will also provide you and your coworkers and family members with brilliant smiles, engaging attitudes, and a rare kind of competence that isn’t available everywhere. We understand what we’re doing and how to handle our clients properly. It’s because of this reason that so many individuals from Philippi return to us time and time again.

Residential/Commercial Restoration

Restoring a home or business to its previous condition isn’t easy and it can only be done with the expert skill and knowledge that can be found at Rebuilders.  If a calamity damages your buildings, you’ll require a restoration business with real-world experience and the resources to return them to their pre-disaster state.

Our professionals have the knowledge and tools to swiftly recover your business after a normal breakdown, with the smallest amount of disturbance to your daily operations. Rebuilders also ensure sure the impacted property is reinforced in case of future damage.

At Rebuilders, we provide 24 hour, 7 day a week services for the problems caused by water, fire, smoke, mildew, storms, and other tragedies.

Sewage Clean Up

A sewage clog or overflow can seriously harm your home. It has the capacity to be unhealthy and utterly unpleasant for you. Whether it’s a sewage backlog caused by a communal sewer system failure or water runoff produced by a storm, Rebuilders is the best Water Damage Company at your Nearby location will respond with the appropriate tools, experienced education, and techniques to remove dangerous water from your home and repair the damages.

We are a family-run repair company with decades of experience. After their home has been destroyed by fires, floods, or sewage backups, countless consumers have sought us for speedy repairs and restoration. This type of situation necessitates a high level of experience, which we will supply.


Some people are surprised and so happy when they find out about all the possible things the Rebuilders can do for them and their home.

That’s because we don’t just repair and rebuild in regards to the devastation that may cause havoc on your property. Additionally, we offer cleaning services. If you have ever experienced high quality cleaning services like the ones provided by Rebuilders, you know just how important that sort of work is.  

We clean everything from simple damage repair to more in-depth and intense commercial work, providing your home or business a fresh new look and feel you’ll love. Certain types of cleaning are also accessible, such as content and air duct cleaning. Your home or office should be a clean environment from the inside out.

Residents of Philippi Should Call Us Today!

It doesn’t matter what issues are plaguing your home or business. It doesn’t matter if it’s water damage, fire damage, smoke damage or the dreaded problems that come from sewage issues. Whatever it is, Rebuilders are not only ready to help but eager to get the job done as soon as possible. Get smoke damage, fire damage, and Water Damage Repair in Philippi.

For years now, residents of Philippi have come to us in times of great stress and anxiety to have their most serious situations handled with knowledge, professionalism, and care. You get all of that – and so much more – when you turn to Rebuilders. If you live in Philippi and need your home or business looking better than ever, you should contact us as soon as possible!


Why Go with Rebuilders?

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We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency response.

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