Grafton, WV

We provide a full range of water damage restoration services to Grafton, WV and surrounding areas.

Grafton, West Virginia has a long history. Its cultural impact is significant, and it has even been vital to the coal industry in the region since the city was developed as a junction point for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. Aside from the coal industry, Grafton also was one of the first towns in the nation to observe Memorial Day and it even is home to the international Mother’s Day shrine.

Needless to say, Grafton is a city rooted in determination, pride, and love of the community. Because of this fact, the inhabitants of Grafton love the area they live in and love their homes and community even more. Whenever accidents strike, the citizens of Grafton are some of the first to act so that they can restore their homes, buildings, and community to its most gorgeous form.

Since Grafton residents are so committed to their community, the team at Rebuilders is one of the first they call when an emergency strikes. Rebuilders is a favorite restorative team in the community because we offer extensive restorative services with a smile on our face.

Like you, it is our goal to keep Grafton warm and inviting. It is for this reason that we tackle any problem you may have with determination and eagerness. We will strive to not only fix the problem but restore the building so that it is the same peaceful haven you knew it to be before the accident.

The Services We Offer in Grafton, WV

To ensure that we can help out anyone in need, Rebuilders offers a variety of restoration services and water damage remediation Grafton.

From regular restoration to clean up mold remediation, we offer it all. Because of all the services we offer, you can trust that our team not only has the resources to fix your building but the knowledge to do so quickly.

Some examples of services we offer for residential and commercial buildings in Grafton include:

  • Damage Restoration
  • Reconstruction
  • Cleaning

Offering extensive services is only a part of our job here at Rebuilders. We also offer fantastic customer support and 24/7 assistance. When emergencies happen, we understand that you might not be able to wait until the business hours. Likewise, we understand that the last thing you want is a business that doesn’t actually understand what you’re going through.

For these reasons, we offer customer support so that you can reach us at all times. Whenever emergencies strike, we are there for you. We will be able to offer you assistance right when you need it, and we will do so with friendly professionalism so that you have one less thing to worry about during this stressful time.

Damage Restoration

One of our most extensive services includes damage restoration. We provide a full range of damage restoration services in Grafton,

West Virginia. Our damage restoration services are for both residential and commercial buildings to ensure all Grafton areas are clean and safe.

Because there are so many types of disasters that can hit your home, we offer various damage restoration options. We offer damage restoration for water, fire and smoke, and even storms. It is our goal to restore the building back to its former appearance before the incident occurred.

Rebuilders will also make sure that there is no hidden damage. Especially with water and storm damage, mold, mildew, and other toxins can linger where you don’t see them. Our team is able to assess the full extent of the damage and fix it accordingly.


In a best case scenario, water, fire, and smoke can cause light damage that can quickly be replaced. Unfortunately, these incidents sometimes cause structural damage to the point that the building itself needs to be reconstructed. If your building is in the state, it’s important that you select a reconstruction service that can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Rebuilders offers a reconstruction service so that we can help build your building back up to its position before. It’s our goal to actually recreate the building so that you can’t even tell an incident ever happened there. Our crews are specially trained so that they can get the process done with minimal stress on your part.

Just as with our damage restoration services, we offer reconstruction services for fire damage, storm damage, water damage and Flood Repair, Flood Removal Grafton. So, we have a restoration and reconstruction plan for practically all scenarios.


Restoring the sight of damage is only part of the job as a restoration team. Even after the damage is restored, dirt, grime, and debris will be left in its wake. The last thing we want is for you to have to deal with these things after we have restored the property. Hence, we also offer cleaning services to ensure the house is not only safe but spotless.

Our cleaning services are able to disinfect and clean any areas that have been affected by water, smoke, fire, or mold. In other words, we complete the damaged restoration service from beginning to end.

We offer more cleaning services as well. Even if your building is not victim of an accident or emergency, we offer general cleaning. Our general cleaning covers mopping, vacuum, and anything else associated with general cleaning. This service can be great if you are doing a quick home cleanup or need to thoroughly disinfect your place of work.

The fact that Rebuilders offers both restorative and general cleaning makes our business stand out from the rest. It proves that we are ready to tackle practically any cleanup job you throw at us.

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As you can see, Rebuilders offers an extensive collection of restoration and damage cleanup services. No matter what emergency has plagued your home or building, our Grafton services will be on the scene quickly to help restore the building to its previous state.

Don’t hesitate to call us, regardless of the day or hour. Our goal is to help both you and your building get back to living as though nothing has even happened.


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