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Emergency Planning for Charlestown, WV


Charlestown, WV Emergency Planning

An emergency can happen with very little notice, suddenly striking and causing damage to the surrounding buildings. Being caught out in an emergency is highly stressful and disorientating. Much of the time, you are left with a lot of damage to your home or business building.

That’s why it is super important to have a plan in place for any emergency that might come your way. In West Virginia, it is a good idea to have an emergency plan for tornadoes, floods, and fires.

Tornado Emergencies

West Virginia gets around 1-2 tornadoes a year. While that is a low number, these tornadoes can cause a lot of damage to the buildings that they come across. Charlestown is just as prone to having tornadoes fly through as many other cities in West Virginia.

You can’t do much to protect the infrastructure of your building when a tornado comes through, but you can make sure that there are no hazards outside when you get a warning. Hazardous objects can include outdoor furniture, lawn ornaments, and outdoor activity items. When you get a tornado warning, make sure it is safe before going outside. Then, move any objects either inside, in a shed, or make sure that they are tied down and won’t fly away.

Objects that fly or roll away can cause further damage to the buildings. A flying lawn gnome can shatter through a window which would add to the damages that you will need to get fixed.

Flooding Emergencies

West Virginia gets over 40 inches of rainfall per year which is more than the national average. Areas in West Virginia are prone to flooding which can cause a lot of water damage to buildings. Flooding can also be because of a faulty sewer system that has leaked into the basements of homes or a broken pipe that has flooded the kitchen. No matter how big or small the flooding emergency is, it can cause a lot of damage to your house.

When you experience a flooding situation, avoid getting into the water as you never know what electric wires or sharp objects have gotten in there. The only exception is small indoor floods where you can see the bottom of the water. Make an emergency plan of keeping important items in areas that you know will stay dry and get away from flooded areas until you can get help.

Fire Emergencies

Fires can happen no matter where you live. In Charlestown, fires are just as likely to occur, especially with a warmer climate. People have practiced fire drills ever since being little from making plans with family to doing fire drills at school.

Fires can happen suddenly and tear everything down just as fast. A simple oven fire can easily set a whole room or even a whole house ablaze. Knowing what you need to grab in a fire situation quickly while also making sure that you can get out is of utmost importance.

Have a plan where you know exactly where important documents are so that you can grab them in a hurry. Test out escape routes in every room in the house so that you can escape no matter what location of the house you are in. Make sure that everyone who lives in the house also knows these routes so that they can be safe as well.

Once everyone is out, call 911 to get help with putting out the fire. If the fire gets too big, do not try to put it out yourself. Sometimes, it’s better to wait the fire out. No worries, Rebuilders will repair any damage that your house has sustained due to the fire.

What To Do in An Emergency

When you are experiencing an emergency in West Virginia of any kind, the first thing you should do is keep you and your family safe. If the emergency is anything more than a flooded kitchen or broken pipe, get everyone to a safe location. Follow the emergency plan that you have made with your family and wait out the emergency.

Once the emergency is over, access the damages caused. Look for areas of the house that has been affected by water damage, fire damage, or wind damage. Be careful because some areas can become dangerous if the infrastructure of the house has been compromised.

Take photos and videos of what everything looks like and get in contact with your insurance provider. They can help you figure out what needs to be fixed and what compensation you can get.

After that’s all set and done, you are still left with a building that has sustained a lot of damage. That’s when it’s time to call Rebuilders. We will help fix anything in your house that has sustained any sort of damage. Broken windows and walls will be fixed, waterlogged floors will be replaced, and anything charred will be replaced.

Need Help After an Emergency? Call Rebuilders

We have services that are both for emergency planning and for storm repairs. We will help you with finding an emergency plan that works and fixing things up after an emergency has happened.

Our service is available 24/7 and we are available all across West Virginia. You can find help whether you are in Charlestown, Bridgeport, Morgantown, and more. As long as you’re in West Virginia, we can help you with whatever your house or business building needs. We put our customers and their buildings first so that they can get the repairs, emergency planning, and upkeep that they need.

No one likes to be caught in a bad situation without a solid plan. Call Rebuilders today so that you can make a plan for any situation. No matter if it’s a fire, tornado, or flood. Any emergency needs a solid plan so that you can be properly prepared.

After an emergency takes place, call Rebuilders so we can help get your house or business building back in proper shape.

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