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Don’t Let A Water Line Break Ruin Your Holidays!

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Picture this: your family has come home for the holidays and you couldn’t be happier.

The snow is coming down outside, the bitter wind is blowing. But inside, the house is warm and the fire is roaring and presents are about to be given out to everyone in the family. Music is playing, food is cooking, everything is right in your world.

But then you are told the worst news possible: your water line has just burst and now your house is flooding. What was just a moment of celebration and family and happiness is now one of panic and anxiety and sheer terror. The presents have to be scurried away and hidden, the food put on hold, the holiday festivities put to an abrupt end.

In just a matter of seconds, a broken water line can change everything.

This is a reality that people all over West Virginia fear. From Grafton to Kingwood to Bridgeport, Fairmont, and beyond, a broken water line is a real threat that can ruin an entire home for years.

And the risk for a broken water line is never higher than during the cold winter season. Why is that? What is it about the cold that damages water lines and what sort of risks do they hold for you and your family?

If you are ever in a situation like the one mentioned before then there is only one team you should call: Rebuilders is ready and eager and prepared to help your home and make it feel comfortable and warm and right again.

It doesn’t matter when you’re calling and it doesn’t mean what the situation is, Rebuilders is ready for you and ready to help you and your family enjoy your celebrations again. No water line break should get in the way of your family and your happiness.

Why Does The Cold Break Water Lines?

The cold weather that comes into West Virginia every year can do serious harm to your pipes.

Some people think that since water lines are deep in the ground and under a house then they are safe from the elements but that simply isn’t the truth. Instead, the cold has a way of finding its way into the deepest, most hidden parts of a home.

The reason why water lines break in the cold is all about pressure. When the water inside gets cold, the pressure grows. The frozen section then expands with the cold and the freezing and when there is less space between the ice and the tap above, the pressure builds and builds, leading to a burst.

Some people believe that freezing water is the sole reason for pipes and water lines breaking. They believe that the water will expand when it freezes and then the piping breaks. But that isn’t so, because pressure is really the biggest enemy of a strong and stable piping system in your home.

And it’s not just the coldest months that cause water line breaks either. In fact, when the weather begins to turn things can get even worse.

Did you know that the end of winter is a very dangerous time for the water lines in your home? It’s true, you are sometimes more susceptible to broken water lines as the winter comes to an end because the thawing of the ice inside the pipes also toys with the pressure inside.

This is why it is so important to have a steady stream of water dripping and flowing through your pipes all winter long. One way or another, during or after winter, frozen pipes and water lines can burst for a number of reasons that people don’t always expect.

The Damage Done

And what happens when the water lines in your home break? The short answer is quite a lot.

The damage that water can bring to any home is immense. There are people throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and beyond who have had to leave their homes for months, years, and even indefinitely because of water damage.

It’s obvious what happens when water damage invades your home. Firstly, your carpets and furniture can be destroyed forever. That old couch that you love? Gone. The drapes that were given to you by your uncle? Tossed. The couch that you love to lay on with your spouse? Thrown away.

That can happen in only minutes and hours. Water will trash each of those items and make them unusable unless you go through a very long cleaning and refining process.

But there are more things that happen with water damage from broken water lines. Did you know that the very foundation of your home can be affected forever? Yes, it can. The wood and even the cement within your house will be compromised and it might lead to thousands upon thousands of dollars in work to make it right.

You love your house, you care deeply about your house, you don’t want anything to happen to your house. But when the water lines in your home freeze and then burst because, the water damage that it causes can be unstoppable.

Rebuilders Can Help

As you know, water damage in your home can cause serious harm to you and your family and your future and everything you hold near and dear to your heart.

That is why it is so important that you know who to call when such a horrible thing occurs. Some people want to handle it by themselves, they think that they can take care of it on their own. But that is a huge mistake to make, one that can cost you thousands and can even cost you your home.

For years now, Rebuilders has proven to the people of West Virginia that they have what it takes to not only understand these problems and the complications they can cause but also the ways to make it right. Your home is the most valuable thing you own and you need to protect it. You can do that with Rebuilders!

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