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Do I Need Roof Restoration Services?

Roof Restoration Services

If you notice your roof having issues or you feel like your roof just doesn’t look the same as it used to, you might be wondering if you need roof restoration services. The best way to determine if you need roof restoration is to have a team of professionals come to your home and do a visual assessment.

Once they have done a visual assessment, they will be able to tell you if a roof restoration is necessary and a timeline for how long it might take.

However, before you call a team to come and do an assessment, you might be curious if there are some ways you can tell if you need roof restoration on your own.

This guide will cover how to inspect your own roof and what to do if you notice any issues.

Signs You Need Roof Restoration

Your roof protects you and all the things you have in your home. If your roof has damage or needs to be repaired, they need to be fixed right away. If you notice any of these signs, make sure you call a team of professionals right away.


If you have a roof leak, this is the number one sign you need a roof restoration. While you might think a leak will show water pouring into your home, this is not always the case. Roof leaks can be very subtle and you might not know you have one.

If you have dark spots or mold growing anywhere in the home, this can signal a leak. Make sure you call an inspector to see where the water or leak might be coming from.

The Age of Your Home

Roofs only last about 20 to 25 years. If your roof is older than that, it’s probably time to have it restored. This will ensure the roof lasts longer. If you do not have regular restoration services, you will need to have a roof replacement which is much more expensive than just restoration work.

Restoring the roof is also less expensive than paying for constant repairs.

Sagging Roofs

If your roof is sagging, you might see a dip or indent in the roof. This can signal there are issues with the rafters. You should make a call to a restoration team right away as you don’t want the roof to collapse or get more issues in the future.


Mold is a serious problem both for the health of you and your family as well as the health of your roof. Algae and moss are usually not a sign of problems as they can grow without the presence of standing water.

Mold is easy to see and also has a distinct smell. If you notice a strange odor in the home, you might want to have someone check and see if there is mold present or not.

You might also see slime or blotches that are dark green, black, and brown on the roof or ceiling of the home.

Damaged Tiles

Tiles on your roof can break or crack. If you see damaged tiles, you will need to get them restored and replaced right away. All the roof tiles will not need to be replaced, you will just need to fix the ones that have visible damage.

If you leave the tiles broken, water can start to seep into them which can lead to water building under the roof. This can cause extensive damage to the home and might cause you to need water restoration services.

If you leave water in the roof, you also have to spend more time and money replacing larger parts of the roof or even the whole roof if the damage is extensive.

Gutter and Downpipe Damage

Downpipes and gutters are an important part of your roof because they are designed to bring water away from the home. If your gutters are damaged or have holes in them, water can begin to flow in the wrong direction.

This can lead to many issues in the home including damage to the siding and pouring water into the home.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

While you might not want to undergo a roof restoration, there are many benefits that it can give to your home. It can also ensure your family is protected while you are home because you don’t have to worry about the roof collapsing or having more damage.

Better Value

When you sell your home, there will also be an inspection on the roof to ensure it’s safe and there is no damage. When you keep up with your roof, not only will it look better, but it will increase the selling value of your home.

No Unwanted Pests

When your roof is damaged or compromised, pests can come inside and build nests. This can damage your roof. Having wildlife captured and removed is also very expensive.

When you secure your roof, it can help you ensure that no wildlife makes its way inside.

Your Roof Will Last Longer

When you get a roof restoration, our professionals will find all the weaknesses and problems with your roof. Once the restoration and repair process is done, you will see that your roof will last longer.

Your roof will also look better since you will have no tiles and all the debris will be removed.

How Long Does Roof Restoration Take to Complete?

The roof restoration process will depend on how much work needs to be done. Most of the time, it takes about a week or two. Some jobs can even be done in as little as three days once the assessment is done.

If you want to get a quote and timeline for your roof restoration, you can contact Rebuilders today. We work all over the West Virginia area including Fairmont, Philippi, Kingwood, Buckhannon, and Weston. We also have a few Pennsylvania locations including Waynesburg and Uniontown.

Contact us for all your roofing needs and our professionals will come out to assess the situation and help you.

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