Disaster Restoration in Morgantown

We provide a full range of disaster restoration services to Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas.


Nature is unpredictable. It can leave quite a bit of damage in its wake. Bad weather can be potentially hazardous to property and no one knows for sure how much damage it can leave.

Your home or business may sustain damage during a storm. High winds, hail, and anything in between can damage roofs and sidings. You want a disaster restoration expert in Morgantown,WV that can get the job done so you can get life back on track.

Rebuilders offers disaster restoration services for residents and business owners in Fairmount, WV and surrounding areas. We have a highly trained staff that will arrive on the scene after disaster strikes. When you can do so safely, you can give us a call and let us know the nature of the damage.

Why is disaster restoration important?

Whether it’s floods, storms, or anything that unleashes nature’s fury it can leave considerable damage. The reason why disaster restoration is important is it can leave lasting damage. Water damage from a flood will create an environment where mold growth can form.

Not to mention, water damage can also lead to further structural damage. It can also appear as high up as your roof. That’s right, weather damage on your roof can lead to cracks and holes in the roof. This is the perfect access point for rain to trickle down and cause damage.

If you are dealing with disaster-related damage near Buckhannon, WV, our experts will arrive on the scene once everything is deemed safe.

How The Process Works

Rebuilders will receive a call from you if your home or business has sustained damage. You may be able to assess some of it, but not all of it for safety purposes (i.e –roof damage). Once we arrive, we’ll be able to inspect the building from top to bottom.

After documenting apparent damage, we recommend you get in contact with your property insurance company to verify coverage. From there we will provide your insurance with the proper documentation they need to process your claim. Then we will sign a work authorization with you and get to work!
We’ll stick with you from start to finish so you are able to restore your home or business (and prevent further aftermath from occurring). What specifically will we do?

That will depend on the nature of the damage. We’ll seal off entry points on the roof where leaks can occur. We’ll clean up or discard any carpet or flooring that may have been damaged. We’ll look at providing content cleaning in case any items got damaged and can be salvageable.

We’ll fix any damage based on our inspection. It’s all about keeping your home or business safe after a disaster. Because we know that unattended damage can lead to something worse.

Are all disasters weather-related?

By disasters, we mean natural disasters. These include but are not limited to storms, tornados, floods, winter weather, and so on. If nature dishes it out and leaves damage, it’s classified as a natural disaster.

Once it happens, know that Rebuilderswill be your go-to option for restoration or damage. It’s important that you check your insurance policy to see which natural disasters are covered. Here in West Virginia, natural disasters can and will happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rare occurrence or if it’s common. Your insurance policy may cover some natural disasters, but not all of them for some reason (i.e — homeowner’s insurance may not have flood coverage since such disasters have their own insurance policy).

When should you call us?

We encourage you to wait until the cause of damage is out of the area. Safety always comes first. It is important that you evacuate the home or business if the damage is significant. After you’re in a safe place, call us and we’ll work together to fix any damage done.

Disaster Restoration Services Available 24/7

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Morgantown, WV or the surrounding area, we have disaster restoration services available. Rebuilders will respond to your emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Natural disasters never take a day off. And they can strike when you least expect them.

It’s better to be prepared for the worst than never at all. When disaster strikes and leaves damage, call us anytime at 304-241-4567 or stop by at our office on 10 Monongahela Avenue in Morgantown.


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