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We provide a full range of commercial cleaning services to Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas.

Carpet Cleaning for Morgantown and Surrounding Areas

If you have carpets in your business or commercial property, it’s critical to keep them as clean as possible for adequate transactions with customers and employees. It’s ideal to have professionals complete the process. Why keep them clean? We’ll dive into that a little later in our recommendation. Rebuilders offer quality carpet cleaning in the area. We will work to the best of our ability to establish a clean and good-looking floor in your place of business, no matter what your company does! Carpet cleaning is a must for a professional appearance to anyone who might enter the building, and we will get the job done.

Why Clean Carpets?

Carpets are walked on every day. However, not everyone thinks to clean them up. Why should you hire a company to clean your carpets? What benefits will it have for your place of business or commercial property? There are plenty of reasons to complete this process. Cleaning carpets will do the following for your structure:

     Protect your healthy from items stuck in the carpet

     Increase the lifespan of the carpet

     Defend your long-term investment

     Remove any nasty smells from the area

     Get rid of stains and spots

     Help your business look professional and pristine for customers

     Improve productivity in an area

There is so much good with a clean carpet, whether you are dealing with a commercial location or a living location. If you are interested in carpet cleaning, look to Rebuilders. We will address your soft flooring and get it back to normal in a few steps. There are several types of carpet cleaning to consider for your place of business or commercial property. Let’s go over a few of the standard selections we offer users.

Simple Cleaning

Some carpets need a simple cleaning. They don’t require too much work to get back to their normal state – often, all it takes is a simple scrub and fluff to get them back to their usual gorgeous state. Simple cleaning will bring dull business flooring back to life and help it look brand-new. A simple cleaning may include items such as:


     Light stain removal


These will remove any crumbs or light stains stuck in the carpet. Simple cleaning is for carpets that are not too old and only have minor stains and dirt troubles. If you have an older carpet with hair and footprints embedded in the surface, your business might need something more – the deep clean. This type addresses a little deeper than a quick clean, restoring the classic look and revitalizing even the oldest carpets.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning goes far below the surface, digging deep into the carpet and removing the dirty layer from the bottom up. It’s a necessity if you have had your carpet for a long time and don’t want to replace it, especially if the carpet sits inside a prominent location in your business or commercial property. This process will remove items like:




Anything seemingly stuck in the carpet may be removed with a quality deep cleaning process. The locations in your building that endure the most constant foot traffic are most likely to have dirt and other contaminants buried beneath the surface. Though they may appear gone after a vacuum, they are likely still buried in your carpet strands. Deep cleaning makes a critical change to your flooring.

Water Damage Cleaning

If you have unwanted leaks in your home, it’s possible for water to leak under the carpet and cause severe water damage. The trapped liquid will become trapped and lead to fungal growth, as well as bacterial sprouts and black splotches. In time, this water damage may look terrible and produce spores that are bad for the health of everyone in your home. Rebuilders will save the water damage from your commercial residency or business, bringing it back to normal. There are lasting structural troubles that may emerge from this soaking, and we will care for your carpet with a positive attitude and a goal of success in mind. We understand the seriousness of water damage – especially in a business!

Frequency of Cleaning

We offer carpet cleaning, but how often will we do the job? Is Rebuilders a one-and-done type of service, or do we come back to maintain your flooring? We have all the answers for you! Once we clean your carpet, we will speak to you to determine how frequent our maintenance visits should be. From there, we will return to care for your carpet and clean it repeatedly as necessary. We will do weekly, monthly, and any other frequency that works for you – you are in control. When we visit, we will ensure your carpet is in tip-top shape before we leave.

Who Do We Help?

Everyone has carpet, from high-level executives to small families in tiny apartments. Who do we help? If you need assistance, we will work on your carpet and ensure it is clean. We are especially good with businesses and commercial locations, as we can cover large areas and ensure they are thoroughly cleaned efficiently. If you hire us for your carpet, no matter the size, you will not be disappointed in our services. Your business has carpet, and it needs to be cleaned. Reach out to Rebuilders to secure the carpet cleaning service of your dreams!

Contact Us For Further Information!

If your carpet requires cleaning, contact Rebuilders. We specialize in damage repair, but all our employees are equipped and ready to complete basic cleaning tasks, from carpet cleaning to removing grime from the toilets. We will visit your place of business regularly to ensure your carpets stay beautiful and continue to clean them as needed for an ideal appearance. Although you might be here for carpet cleaning, reach out to us for other cleaning necessities! We will clean air ducts and any content in your place. We will also restore damages from water, fire, sewage, mold, storms, and more. Rebuilders are ready to bring your business or commercial structure back to life.    

Carpet Cleaning

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